So that’s what happens when you splatter caustic toilet bowl cleaner into a newly installed kitchen sink. This happened just days after installation, the clean-up crew was prepping this wonderfully restored house for the owners to move right in, when oops!

The crew ran water to rinse it as soon as they could, however they did not know it splashed on the sides until it was too late and the chemical reaction occurred. Normally a contractor would just replace the sink and call it a day, but not this time, resting on top of this sink is a beautiful granite top with intricate imported tiles surrounding the perimeter of the top, making the cost of replacing and reinstalling about ten times more expensive.

This is the exact same sink just a few hours later, yes hours. This type of job requires: patience, skill, attention to detail, more patience, and as much elbow grease as one can muster. The end result is a sink that is literally as good as new!