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Buffing Polishing

One-of-a-kind or High Volume Runs for Any Industry

Born out of our commitment of providing custom stainless fabrication for a variety of industries and project types, the Great Lakes Stainless Buffing and Polishing Division is an extension of our entire company’s philosophy of precision, efficiency and pride.

From custom and one-of-a-kind auto and marine parts to antiques restoration to high-volume production runs, we are equipped with the specialty equipment, skills and square footage to manage any buffing polishing project. Auto and marine trim, castings, extrusions, forgings, decorative, vessels, awards and machinery—we are here to shine!  Check out some of our start to finish projects by watching the action unfold in our Short Buffs series of videos created to show off our talents, and some of your coolest projects.

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What buffing polishing projects are you most interested in?

    buffing polishing motorcycle trim or automotive grills

    Automobile & Motorcycle Trim Restoration

    buffing polishing marine trim and propeller

    Marine and Aircraft Trim & Propeller Polishing

    Antique Heirloom Buffing Polishing Restoration

    Antique Heirloom Buffing, Polishing & Restoration