Interline Casework

airline casework - Terminal A Reagan airport

High-Performance Casework and Surfaces for High-Traffic, Airline Casework

Interline Casework was conceived to meet the unique needs of the airline casework industry needing high-performance, hard-working stainless steel architectural casework and surfaces.

Working with the country’s leading airline consultants and suppliers, we’ve designed, fabricated and installed casework systems that outfit the world’s busiest terminals, including London’s Heathrow International Airport.

From custom stainless check-in and ticketing counters to baggage carousels and flight information display fixtures, Interline Casework rises to the occasion with the right mix of design and performance.

Interline Casework is ready to help your project get off the ground. Call (231) 943-7648, or email

Airline Casework


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