Higher Education

Project Type:

Foodservice Preparation and Serving Equipment

 Project Description:

The keystone of a $40 million renovation of Phillips/Snyder Hall at Michigan State University, this high-end student dining facility currently serves thousands of students every day.

Project Partners:

Foodservice Consultant, Ricca Newmark
Foodservice Equipment Dealer, Stafford Smith, Inc.
Architect, Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture and Engineering, P.C

Special Considerations:

Complex custom countertop fabrication incorporating numerous varieties of metal accents, stone tops, solid wood, veneers, and high-end metal laminates to achieve the stunning design of the consultants and architects.

Careful planning and coordination to ensure complex wall-to-wall fit of the serving counters. The serving counters included several custom built refrigerators, freezers, and cold pans completely constructed by Great Lakes Stainless, Inc.