The Vision:
Passion, Performance, Quality, and Innovation in high-visibility custom fabrication.

We are a vision driven organization, and the key to fulfilling our vision is to add significant value to the customer. We strive to provide high value-added, high quality, single-source fabrication for the air transportation, foodservice, and non-structural, non-ferrous architectural metal industries with short lead times. To meet this ambitious vision, we’ve invested first in our team, assembling an impressive array of experienced talent and provided them with state of the art technologies and equipment.

We have numerous installations around the country featuring our beautiful products, but the thing that we are most proud of building is the relationships we have with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

Some of our specific investments include:

CAD/CAM: Great Lakes Stainless uses the Autodesk family of products, including AutoCad 2013, AutoCad Mechanical, and the latest version of AutoDesk Inventor 3D Modeling software. We also use cutting edge 3D CAD/CAM software to program our CNC Machinery for rapid turn-around of accurate parts and products.

Laser Templating w/CAD Overlay: With the Leica 3D Disto laser, on-site field dimensions that can be overlaid directly on the working CAD files, combined with the ability to rapidly and cost effectively produce physical templates for further verification give us the ability to truly be a strong partner in difficult wall-wall and remodel installations.

Laser Cutting and Forming: Great Lakes Stainless has invested in the latest cutting and forming equipment to increase the value of our products and services. We have a 2,000 Watt Mitsubishi Laser with a 60’’x120’’ bed that can cut up to 3/8’’ stainless steel and 5/8’’ mild steel with incredible precision and repeatability, and it is matched with a 12’ 385 ton, 9-axis CNC AccurPress Accel Press brake for top-of-the-line precision and repeatability. In addition, we have a 250 ton 12’ brake press and 11GA CNC folder for further economical precision forming.

Large format CNC Machining: Our Interline Casework department is fully equipped with a brand new Onsrud Router, equipped with a powerful and versatile router head equipped for advanced machining processes including 3D machining of contours and lofts and 4-axis machining of all wood and plastic/composite products. The machine is specially equipped with a cutter coolant system that expands our non-ferrous machining capabilities into greater thicknesses of Aluminum, Copper, and Brass, greatly expanding our ability to bring our partner’s vision to reality. We also have an 8’ Omal bore and dowel inserter.

Thermal Manufacturing: With a 36” x 144” ceramic oven, we thermoform Corian and other solid surface materials, as well as acrylic in a wide variety of forms and thicknesses. In addition to these forming capabilities, we also produce interference joints, or “shrink fitting” of metal fabrication. By introducing extreme temperature differences in materials, we can create assemblies with weld-like strength without the heat and deformation characteristics that accompany the welding process, and offer excellent and affordable performance and aesthetics in a variety of products.

Welding: We have decades of experience in welding difficult materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. With a full line of Miller welders, and outstanding welding technicians to operate them, we complete our welding projects with excellent efficiency and beautiful results.

Finishing: Our finishers are some of the best in the industry, and produce beautiful, flawless equipment. Their ability to return welded surfaces to a factory finish is legendary, and their professionalism is second to none.

Assembly: Our team of assemblers are intimately familiar with the installation of built-in foodservice equipment, and are the final step in turning our customers and consultants designs into functional, dependable masterpieces, including custom refrigeration solutions.

Stainless Steel Cabinets: Contact us for details on our EXTENSIVE experience producing high-quality highly affordable stainless steel cabinets across a number of industries, with a strong presence in the hospital/procedure room markets.

As one of the USA’s most reliable stainless manufactures, we promise on-time and on budget solutions for your important projects in the USA and abroad. We urge you to contact us ask our clients or request a quote today!