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Episode 7 – Patrick Zionskowski

Where we get lost in the UP, fawn over blackmiths and Mike tells us what happened to his man card.

Episode 6 – Reflections from the Black Mirror

Mike and Paul fly tandem on this one and drop some knowledge bombs along the way. Get out your f*cking notebooks America, it’s time to learn something!

Episode 5 – Skylar Ferguson

Where we meet the wunderkid of GLS, Mike schools us on the economics of solar and Travis shares his secret for dealing with success and failure on the road. Spoilers, it’s alcohol.

Episode 4 – Mike Aubin

Where we learn that Paul doesn’t know a thing about Michigan and we can’t get Aubin to shut up about how great Saginaw is.

Episode 3 – Todd Sears

Todd Sears of the Traverse City Sears takes time off from running a failing retail empire to talk with us about his family’s feud with the Roebucks and the joy of working with the TC Central Raptors Robotics Team 1711!

Episode 2 – Michael Moore (not that one)

Where we meet Mike from estimating and see how Paul does on his own. We also learn why Lakeshore Drive sucks and seafood rules.

Episode 1: Meet the hosts!

Where we meet the hosts and learn how Paul, Travis and Mike came to GLS. We also discuss mullets and banjos.