We want to hear from you. Email us with questions, comments or suggestions at mirrorfinish@greatlakesstainless.com.

Episode 47 – Josh Stoltz

Josh is back!  Josh Stoltz from Grow Benzie is back to talk about his trip to Africa learning about the local agricultural scene in Mozambique.  Check it out and check Grow Benzie out at www,growbenzie.org or stop over to check out what they’ve got going now and in the future.  And thanks to Kevin Adams for being a friend of the show.  Stay warm up there Kevin!

Episode 46 – Garrett Richards

If you’ve enjoyed Bay Bread or Stonehouse Bread over the past decade you may have our guest to thank for it.  Ride along with us as we meet Garrett Richards and talk about all kinds of things from heat stroke to childhood struggles.  We also reinforce our assertion that Little Caesars® Hot N’ Ready® pepperoni is about the best pizza you can buy.  Any interested sponsors can contact us at mirrorfinish@greatlakesstainless.com.

Episode 45 – Devon Hoaglund

Christmas comes early this year as this episode debuts ahead of schedule with our own Devon Hoaglund. We learn about the Mesick Mushroom Festival, the horrors of retail and Paul’s COMPLETELY RATIONAL fear of spiders.

Episode 44 – Bill James

Listen up and get ready to hit somebody as Paul, Mike and Trav sit down to talk with GLS’s own contact sports expert.  Bill James is here and we do our best to not piss him off.

Episode 43 – Brian O’Boyle

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Join Paul, Mike and Trav as GLS sits down with Brian O’Boyle and learns about nasty hazmat clean ups, the dangers of snowmobiling on lakes and what grosses out Mike and Paul.

Episode 42 – Daran Penney

Join Travis and Paul and a little bit of Mike as we talk to one of the newest GLS employees.  We run with the bulls, learn about metal detecting and learn a little too much about Travis’ bathroom habits.

Episode 41 – James Peterson 2

James is back a year almost to the day after recording one of our most popular episodes.  Join Mirror Finish as we talk about the local food scene and get schooled on how to weld, yes weld, brass and copper.

Episode 40 – Norte

Get up! Walk or ride with GLS as we go Norte with Ty Schmidt.  Learn about all the great things Norte does for our neighbors and community through encouraging kids to walk and bike.  Of course, no one can do anything alone.  To learn more and/or get involved find Norte on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You can also call 231-883-2404 or write (yes, write! it’s still a thing) to: Norte, PO Box 781, Traverse City, MI 49685.  But if you really want the experience, stop by the clubhouse at the Grand Traverse Civic Center on weekdays from 9-5.

Episode 39 – Grow Benzie

Mirror Finish sits down with the director of Grow Benzie Josh Stoltz and wait…did we just become best friends?? Join us for a great conversation and learn about the community center that is Grow Benzie. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and maybe Twitter and online at www.growbenzie.org/ For all you locals, yes I know it’s on 115 not 31, I misspoke. Stop judging me.

Episode 38 – Spark In the Dark

Get ready to learn about Spark In the Dark as Abby explains how it helps and connects community members while also providing support for other non-profits and charities in the area.  It’s a Facebook group right now, but look for the app soon and check out sparkinthedark.org for more information!

Episode 37 – Women’s Resource Center

Once you get past the ridiculous intro with the three immature morons we call our hosts this is a great episode.  We talk with Juliette and Kristi from the Women’s Resource Center(WRC) about what the WRC is all about and what they do there.  We also bust some myths (she can’t just leave guys) and learn how to approach someone if you suspect domestic abuse is happening.  Help is just a phone call away at 1-800-554-4972 at the 24 hour hotline and if you have any other questions for the good folks at the WRC find them at http://www.womensresourcecenter.org/ or give them a ring at 231-941-1210.  

Episode 36 – Austin Tondu

Where we learn what it takes to stand out in the Traverse City welding scene and what does your average 21 year old do in their spare time?  Become a pilot of course! Mirror Finish takes flight with Austin Tondu.

Episode 35 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Where we learn about all the great work that Big Brothers Big Sisters does.  If you want to volunteer, donate or know someone who would benefit call them at 231-946-2447 or visit bigsupnorth.com.

Also, since we forgot to put the contact info for Habitat For Humanity in their show notes, we’ll put it here. 


(231) 941-4663

Episode 34 – Austin Schaub

Where we meet our latest intern who is looking to the future, wax nostalgic about cell phones and learn what Mike and Travis really do during the intro.

Episode 33 – Habitat For Humanity

We continue to fight the good fight with Habitat For Humanity.  Wendy Irvin and Kathleen English join us to talk about the organization’s origins, what brought them into non-profit and how you can help your fellow citizens during this time of increasing social polarization.  Also, Paul manages to insult an already marginalized group of people in the intro.  Shame on you Paul.

Episode 32 – North Sky Raptor Sanctuary

You think your job is awesome?  Ever handled a red-tail hawk? Or given a bird of prey a pedicure in your bathtub?  No?  Then you probably suck…or not.  Why are you getting validation from a podcast description anyway?  What definitely doesn’t suck is North Sky Raptor Sanctuary and the good folks that operate it.  Check them out and support them at https://www.northskyraptor.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/NorthSkyRaptor/

Episode 31 – Gaige Stanley

We’re back with a great conversation with one of our newest, Gaige Stanley.  We talk business start ups, wedding fights and the importance of controlling your spray.  Stay tuned as we return to our regular two week release schedule for a great episode with North Sky Raptor Sanctuary coming at you on the 28th!

Episode 29 – Cherryland Electric

Our first joint podcast!  Calm down, not that kind.  GLS heads into the field and goes on Cherryland Electric’s Co-Op Energy Talk Podcast to discuss their loan program and solar among other things.  Check it out!

Episode 28 – Tom Butler

Where we celebrate our first anniversary by learning about fly fishing for carp and where to find the best waterfalls in the U.P.  Also, if you want to make Paul mad just do what Mike does in this episode.

Episode 27 – Nick Tarvis

Where we meet the newest member of the GLS team, scare ourselves over chimps and ice and what the hell is that noise at the beginning of the conversation?

Episode 26 – Brad VanWingerden

Its’ Anchors Aweigh with our resident naval nuclear mechanic, Brad VanWingerden.  Travel the Pacific with GLS as we discuss the perils of the wood industry, reminisce about Brad’s time in the Navy and learn why Paul will never, ever visit Australia.

Episode 25 – Anne Bonney

Professional speaker and leadership trainer Anne Bonney joins Mirror Finish to educate us about lifecoaching, overcoming hurdles and the proper way to raid an early 18th century European cargo ship.  Ok maybe not the last one.  But if you feel stuck in your life and want to move forward listen up and then check out her podcast Igniting Courage!

Episode 24 – Scott Stoltenberg Jr. 2

Hollywood is back!  California Scott talks to us about how his first Michigan winter is treating him, Mike learns what catfishing means and we get our first sponsor! (Maybe, maybe not…we’ll see.)

Episode 23 – Patrick Zionskowski 2

Life coaches, leadership and something else that starts with “L”.  GLS goes topical! Not like that prescription you needed after that trip to southeast Asia, we mean we pick a topic and discuss.  Tune in for a conversation that wanders more than your hipster nephew who turned down the internship you scored for him to backpack through Europe “finding” himself.

Episode 22 – Rick Razzone 2

Where we have Rick back and Mike gets in on the conversation this time.  Arachnophobes beware, we talk about candy bars, bananas and why we will all be kneeling at the altar of the praying mantis one day.

Episode 21 – Jayce Ashwill

Where the intro conversation spirals out of control, but Jayce from Goodwill saves the day by busting myths about homelessness and teaches us how to be a little more compassionate this holiday season.

Episode 20 – Fraser Cain

Our first celebrity guest! Fraser Cain of Universe Today and the long-running Astronomy Cast podcast joins us to promote his new book. The Universe Today Ultimate Guide to Viewing The Cosmos: Everything You Need to Know to Become an Amateur Astronomer (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1624145442/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0) Check it out and grab yourself a copy!

Episode 18 – Trent Dexter

Elvis lives! And he goes to Traverse City West High School. Join Mirror Finish as we talk to a crazy talented young man about his passion. Pay attention, you’ll be hearing his name again.

Episode 19 – Rick Razzone

Think you’ve lived? Maybe, but you haven’t Rick lived. Listen in as Travis and Paul question their life choices while learning about the travels and tribulations of the one, the only Rick Razzone.

Episode 17 – James Peterson

Where we embarrass our guest, go on U.P. and decide to quit our jobs and become Youtubers.

Episode 16 – Mitchell Brown

Where we learn that skiing is safer than snowboarding and if you’re good at something don’t do it for free.

Episode 14 – Three Guys, One Game

Where we learn about Travis’ dashed Olympic dreams, Paul’s eating habits in his youth and Mike flexes his pun muscles.

Episode 12 – Todd Borse Part 1

Where we learn how to fix wrecking balls, start forest fires and what the east coast was like during the Bicentennial. Stay tuned for part 2 coming next time!

Episode 11 – Scott Stoltenberg Jr.

Where we meet Great Lakes Stainless’ own walking gun show, start a new tradition and learn what California thinks of Midwest folk.

Episode 10 – Rick Bastian

Where we meet the most interesting man at Great Lakes Stainless, discuss engineering, animation and even delve into psychology and human behavior. Live thirsty my friends.

Episode 15 – Derrick Carter

Dog urine and squirt guns? Check. Neighborhood rivalries and racial stereotypes? Check. Mirror Finish officially joins the 21st century and becomes diverse.

Episode 9 – Haven Robinson

Where we meet our sophomore intern, Mike joins the steampunk movement, and shatter millennial stereotypes while having our faith restored in America’s youth.

Episode 8 – Dustin Yaple

Where we learn how Bingo can save the world, have some real talk with Dustin about social issues and seriously, PBR?

Episode 6 – Reflections from the Black Mirror

Mike and Paul fly tandem on this one and drop some knowledge bombs along the way. Get out your f*cking notebooks America, it’s time to learn something!

Episode 7 – Patrick Zionskowski

Where we get lost in the UP, fawn over blackmiths and Mike tells us what happened to his man card.

Episode 13 – Todd Borse Part 2

Where we learn about a new sport, dive into the institution of conservation and if you stick around until the end you’ll find out why it’s still ok to eat quinoa.

Episode 5 – Skylar Ferguson

Where we meet the wunderkid of GLS, Mike schools us on the economics of solar and Travis shares his secret for dealing with success and failure on the road. Spoilers, it’s alcohol.

Episode 4 – Mike Aubin

Where we learn that Paul doesn’t know a thing about Michigan and we can’t get Aubin to shut up about how great Saginaw is.

Episode 3 – Todd Sears

Todd Sears of the Traverse City Sears takes time off from running a failing retail empire to talk with us about his family’s feud with the Roebucks and the joy of working with the TC Central Raptors Robotics Team 1711!

Episode 2 – Michael Moore (not that one)

Where we meet Mike from estimating and see how Paul does on his own. We also learn why Lakeshore Drive sucks and seafood rules.

Episode 1: Meet the hosts!

Where we meet the hosts and learn how Paul, Travis and Mike came to GLS. We also discuss mullets and banjos.