Certifications + Qualifications

From our management system to our team of fabricators, welders, finishers and woodworkers, quality is our number one priority. Along with the talented individuals who will be handling your project, we also carry numerous quality certifications. Your project may not require any of these — or it may require all of them. The fact that we are committed to our quality systems is a testament to the level of quality for which we strive. We currently carry the following quality certifications:

With our combination of state of the art and tried and true equipment, Great Lakes Stainless has what it takes to fabricate your product.  Our in-house equipment list includes:

  • Nearly 60,000 square feet on over 15 acres
  • Salvagnini 4KW fiber laser
  • Mitsubishi 2KW CO2 laser
  • CNC Accurpress 12’x385 ton
  • 12’x250 ton brake press
  • NC rotary draw bender
  • CNC panel bender 5’x12’
  • 12’x.25” metal shear
  • Kuhlmeyer twin belt stroke sander
  • Gecam edge rounder
  • Bailiegh angle roller
  • Miller MIG and TIG welders
  • Onsrud Pro Series 5’x12’ CNC router with 40hp vacuum pump
  • Giben Edge edgebander
  • Omal HBD-2500 dowel inserter
  • Streibig 16’ panel saw
  • Gannomat concept 70 Primus case clamp
  • Casadei sliding table saw
  • 36”x144” radiant heat thermoforming oven
  • Edgemaster M100 Corner Former
  • Bend-Tech Dragon CNC plasma pipe/tube cutter and notcher
  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers