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The heart of our business is custom metal fabrication. It’s our foundation and what we built our reputation upon. From custom stainless back-of-house kitchen fixtures, to custom designed serving counters, to whatever you can dream up — we can build it.  Be sure to check out our article on stainless steel fabrication!

Our in-house engineering staff has the experience and know-how to bring your specifications and ideas to life. Utilizing industry-leading modeling and drafting software, we can design the details that make your project stand out. From there, the project lands in the hands of our incredibly talented welders, finishers, electricians and assemblers. Because of this talent and old fashioned work ethic, the shop floor is where the custom metal fabrication magic truly happens – and where your project really comes to life.

Besides our talented staff, we carry several quality certifications to assure that your ideas and projects are in good hands. While perhaps our ISO 9001:2015, NSF, AWI QCP, AWS D1.1, or UL listings aren’t necessary for every job or project, the fact that we carry and abide by them is a testament to our commitment to quality.  You won’t find a custom metal fabricator anywhere else with these credentials!

Although “stainless” is in our name, we certainly don’t stop there. With experience in several mediums, we have the ability and expertise to provide the more difficult decorative metals to your project. Mild steel, copper, bronze and brass are just some of the materials that we have worked with, and we continue to add new materials whenever the opportunity arises. Along with a wide selection of materials, we offer several finish options as well. Have a question about our capabilities? Don’t hesitate to ask.