We believe
in growth
for good.

Our Story

At Great Lakes Stainless, we take on challenges. We gravitate toward the complex project. We work with our customers to solve problems and succeed on projects with highly custom designs, integrated materials and demanding timelines. And we counter these challenges with a wide array of specific skill sets, the latest in production technologies and dedicated, trained employee experts.

The nature of our business is not cookie cutter and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of our customers with highly consistent quality, delivery after delivery. At GLS, we focus on the value-added components of your project so you can be successful. We can tackle projects that are in the early concept stages and those that are fully designed when they enter our shop. Whether wood, metal and other decorative elements and finishes, we have the people and machines to pull off just about anything that is thrown at us.

Our risk based management style will work with you and your team and discuss if there are any areas of concern on your project and what we can do to minimize those risks. We will develop plans with you to overcome any of those risks so that in the end the project is done on time and on budget.

Simply — we laser, cut, brake, weld, polish, finish, mirror, drill, wire, plumb, assemble, edgeband, glue, detail, design, render… and grow with you.


With customers across the globe, it’s important that we remain loyal to our roots and the Northern Michigan community that surrounds us. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our employees and the people of our region through a company culture of volunteerism and giving back.

Growth for good is our mission and our culture, and continuous improvement is our catalyst. The best evidence of our success can be found in the team we get to work with and the strategically planned growth of our certifications and capabilities.


By 1995, the constant demand for food service equipment repair or replacement in the state of Michigan led the owners of Grand Traverse Refrigeration, Inc., a heating and cooling installation and repair service company established in 1976, to expand its services to the fabrication of food service equipment.

Thus, its sister company, Great Lakes Stainless, was founded in Traverse City, Michigan with one employee and a Milwaukee sawzall. Over two decades, multiple expansions and one relocation later, GLS is closing in on 70 well trained, experienced workers and the sawzall is mostly retired.

In the fall of 2003, GLS made the transition to its new (and current) home. The now nearly 60,000 square foot facility allows for continuing growth of personnel on staff, the manufacturing equipment needed to keep up with the steady increase in sales volume, on-site storage, increased productivity and has greatly expanded our company’s capabilities.

Fast forward 15 years to 2018.  Longtime president, Michael Debruyn purchased Great Lakes Stainless from Terry Berden. Michael’s dedication to promoting the growth for good of our employees, our community and our business creates a positive work environment that follows in the footsteps that Terry created so long ago.