Stainless Steel Cabinets

A core part of our stainless steel fabrication portfolio, Great Lakes Stainless has an extensive history with stainless steel cabinets.  From early in our story as a company, we have provided metal millwork items for residential, medical, foodservice and commercial markets.  To serve any of these areas, our quality has to be top notch and we have the track record to prove it.  With the engineering, project management and fabrication skills to deliver the very best, Great Lakes Stainless is your best choice for stainless steel cabinets.

Institutional Stainless cabinets

For the medical and industrial markets, we can provide stainless steel cabinets based on your specifications or design to suit your needs.  In addition to the basic design and requirements, we have the capability to incorporate almost any configuration of options.  For instance: locks, toekick, casters, slope tops, adjustable shelves, and soft close hardware, just to name a few.  Even more, we provide lead-lined cabinets including leaded glass too.  Through our dealer networks, hospitals and government agencies around the country have relied on Great Lakes Stainless cabinets.  Stainless steel is the ideal material to ensure excellent patient care and clean, sanitary environments.

Custom stainless steel medical storage cabinet. Custom stainless steel medical storage cabinet. Custom stainless steel cabinet with pull out stainless writing surface.

Residential Stainless Kitchens

We regularly deliver residential projects too.  We’ve outfitted some of the country’s premier residences with interior stainless kitchens.  The most common use for our cabinets is to create truly fabulous outdoor spaces.  Take a look at the pictures below!  Enteraining and impressing your guests with our wide range of stainless options (maybe including a fully custom grill!) is one of the best ways to spend a summer evening.  Contact your contractor, architect, or designer and have them give us a call.  If you don’t have one, we can direct you to a number of contractors and designers that know our work. If you are a contractor or architect, contact us for a new range of possiblities for clients.  We’re happy to offer design details and budgeting for a smooth project from start to finish.


Outdoor stainless cabinets Residential outdoor stainless steel cabinetry Stainless Steel Drawer Cabinet

While storage is an essential part of any workplace, it’s often overlooked when done right.  Great Lakes Stainless has extensive expertise fabricating standard and custom stainless steel cabinets featuring all the infection control and aesthetic of stainless steel in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Medical Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel is known for its durability, infection control and beauty.  Using our stainless steel fabricating expertise, Great Lakes Stainless has a long history of proudly merging all three features into quality cabinets. We use heavy-duty stainless steel and quality hardware to withstand decades of use.  Attaching the double pan, sound deadened doors are industry leading five-knuckle stainless steel hinges for a comfortable work environment.  In addition, our specialized corner forming machine creates seamless corners without the need for finishing or welding.

In medical environments, the safety of the patient and medical personnel are paramount so infection control drives design.  All surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning while TIG welding provides minimally invasive strength while highlighting stainless steel’s inherent beauty.

Stainless steel cabinet with multiple drawers and glass doors.
TIG Rainbow stainless steel welding
Welded stainless steel corner
Stainless steel TIG welding close up
Two types of welded corners.






Next Level With Stainless Steel Cabinets

A stainless cabinet can be durable and beautiful, but it still needs to be useful and business often struggle with getting the right product for their specific needs.  As a result, cabinet configuration is limited only by the imagination.  Available accessories include shelves, shelf dividers, trays, tray dividers, scope and probe managers and a host of other items intended to manage and organize everything from operating rooms to outdoor kitchens.

However, what’s inside isn’t all that counts. Therefore, taking advantage of available space is a hallmark of efficient design and our experience allows us to create custom cabinets for any layout.  We offer upper, lower, tall and any size in between to take advantage of your unique spaces.  And when your space moves, so do we.  Casters and protective bumpers add mobility to any cabinet.

Stainless steel cart
A low profile stainless mobile cart.
Ventilated stainless cabinet
Louver door option for ventilation (side wall louvers/base louvers also available)
Mobile supply cart for hospital
A mobile surgical supply cart with our customer’s accessory system installed complete by Great Lakes Stainless.
Pass through cabinets link procedure rooms.
Custom Stainless Medical cabinet
Louvered floor vents
Stainless Steel Drawer Cabinet
Lower cabinets with drawers
Stainless Surgical Storage Cabinets ready for action!

Stainless Steel Cabinets for Food Service and Other Applications

Our carts and cabinets live in a variety of places all across the country.  For example, outdoor residential kitchens are a popular destinations.

Detail of stainless steel cabinet drawers


In addition, they also hold product and support counter tops for corporate and university cafeterias.

Coffee’s ready! Time to start the day.
Easily cleanable and functional, stainless isn’t only for cabinets.









Similarly, homeowners love them for outdoor kitchens and any application where strength and beauty are priorities.  Just have your architect, designer or contractor contact us.

cabinets in indoor residential kitchen
Endless possibilities with indoor residential kitchens.
outdoor setting
Beautiful example of stainless cabinets in an outdoor kitchen.








In conclusion, it’s hard to go wrong with stainless steel.  No other material provides such a balanced combination of utility and beauty.  We at Great Lakes Stainless use our extensive history and experience to produce the highest quality stainless products for any application.