Our Story

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Great Lakes Stainless is a critical manufacturer supplying procedure room cabinets in stainless, plastic laminate, and solid surface materials to the hospital and healthcare industries.  Additionally, we supply similar materials and products for transportation infrastructure projects around the country and also supply the foodservice sector in parts and components for commercial refrigeration equipment suppliers to grocers and other foodservice providers.  We will remain open to meet these critical needs.

At Great Lakes Stainless, we are the experts at creating solutions for a client’s private and public spaces. Whether stainless, architectural decorative metals, wood or wiring, we know our materials and we know custom fabrication. We have the specialized expertise to deliver the very best. From serving counters and work surfaces to custom cabinets and casework, we can do things no one else can.


Our Team

From the shop floor to the engineering department to the executive team, every one of us is proud of what we do. The work we create is a testament to our passion and each finished project fuels us to continue to grow and learn.

“Proud to be part of an ordinary team, doing extraordinary things.”

- Ben Brege

"My top priority is to help deliver unbeatable quality and customer service. It’s a great feeling to be part of a successful team."

- Paul Campana

"No pain, no gain."

- Robert Goepfrich

"Striving to surpass customers’ expectations, one project at a time."

- Megan Mageli

"I believe in Great Lakes Stainless because they believe in me."

- Michael Aubin

"If it involves welding, metal forming or wood, we can usually do it. If we can't, we figure out how."

- Harrison Muse

We’re the

people behind

your product.

We deliver the highest quality product—in time, every time. Simply put, we get the job done.
PASSION & PRIDE The work we create is a testament to our passion and each finished project fuels us to continue to grow and learn.
COLLABORATION Trust and troubleshooting, respect and results. It’s collaborative craftsmanship at its best.
We are dedicated to improving the lives of our employees and the people of our region through a company culture of volunteerism and giving back.

Our Projects

We create beautiful products that enrich the lives of those who encounter them. Our team can design a customized solution from scratch, or work with existing drawings to produce the highest quality end product.