That Counts.

From the Floor

From the moment we embark on a project, we rely on the seamless interaction between our employees. It’s this dependability that pushes us internally to do our best for the next person down the line. Ultimately, this chain of commitment is shared with each customer as we deliver the highest quality product—on time, every time­. Simply put, we get the job done.

Meet our Teams

“Proud to be part of an ordinary team, doing extraordinary things.”

- Ben Brege

Ben Brege

Unique Project Expert
"My top priority is to help deliver unbeatable quality and customer service. It’s a great feeling to be part of a successful team."

- Paul Campana

Paul Campana

Critical Account Manager and Materials Control
"No pain, no gain."

- Robert Goepfrich

Robert Goepfrich

Repeat Customer and Specialty Projects Expert
"Striving to surpass customers’ expectations, one project at a time."

- Megan Mageli

Megan Mageli

Foodservice and Large Contracts
"I believe in Great Lakes Stainless because they believe in me."

- Michael Aubin

Michael Aubin

Millwork and Large Project Specialist
"We're proud to build the best products in the country."

- Harold Axtell

Harold Axtell

Maintenance Lead

- David Bankey

David Bankey

Purchasing and Material Control
"We get the job done right and in time, while holding high quality standards."

- Jack Bankey

Jack Bankey

Stainless Cabinet Floor Lead

- Scott Barnhart

Scott Barnhart

Fabrication Lead

- Melanie Berden

Melanie Berden

Human Resources Director
"We count on each other to work hard to get the job done."

- Brian Bitely

Brian Bitely

Master Millworker

- Scott Borse

Scott Borse

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Russell Cook

Russell Cook

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Gary Crowley

Gary Crowley

"Whatever your challenge, we are ready roll up our sleeves and get to work on creative, pro-active and collaborative solutions."

- Michael DeBruyn

Michael DeBruyn

"We strive to provide the highest quality craftsmanship in every project we take on."

- Travis Dollaway

Travis Dollaway

Business Development and Estimating

- Zack Egerer

Zack Egerer

"This is a great place to work. A big family that grows together, pains together and celebrates together."

- Dan Ellis

Dan Ellis

Vice President

- Martin Endres

Martin Endres

Fabricator/Electrical Specialist

- Skylar Ferguson

Skylar Ferguson

Design Engineer

- Steven Gatrell

Steven Gatrell

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Brian Geiger

Brian Geiger

Metal Finishing Specialist - Lead Trainer

- Leon Gilkerson

Leon Gilkerson

Master of the Open Road

- Neil Haycraft

Neil Haycraft

Metal Finishing Specialist
"Get ready to get dirty!"

- Devon Hoaglund

Devon Hoaglund

Fabrication Facilitator

- Garrett Humphreys

Garrett Humphreys


- Duane Krueger

Duane Krueger

Standard Millwork and Specialty Finishes Lead

- Barb Labonte

Barb Labonte

Accounts Receivable/Payable

- Joseph Lueck

Joseph Lueck

Creative Projects and Drafting Specialist

- Dominic Mitchell

Dominic Mitchell

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Lucas Mitchell

Lucas Mitchell

Welding Specialist

- Mike Moore

Mike Moore

Custom Projects and Foodservice Specialist
"If it involves welding, metal forming or wood, we can usually do it. If we can't, we figure out how."

- Harrison Muse

Harrison Muse

Foodservice and Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Timothy Olman

Timothy Olman

Metal Folder Master Operator

- Dean Otto

Dean Otto

Production Coordinator

- Andrew Petersen

Andrew Petersen

Senior CAM technician

- Joey Petersen

Joey Petersen

Welding Specialist

- Pete Petersen

Pete Petersen

Welding Specialist

- Timothy Pickard

Timothy Pickard

Senior CNC Operator

- Vickie Pickard

Vickie Pickard

Stainless Cabinet Department Lead

- Richard Razzone

Richard Razzone


- Todd Sears

Todd Sears

Design Engineer - Special Projects

- Janna Selch

Janna Selch

Welding Specialist

- Duane Suski

Duane Suski

Metal Forming Specialist

- Kirk Toedebusch

Kirk Toedebusch

Senior Laser Operator

- Brad Vanwingerden

Brad Vanwingerden

Design Engineer and Technical Development

- Todd Borse

Todd Borse

Welding Specialist

- Harold Wazny

Harold Wazny

Final Assembly Specialist - Cabinets

- Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter

Metal Finishing Specialist

- Samuel Weaver

Samuel Weaver

Master Millworker

- Valerie Pincumbe

Valerie Pincumbe

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Mark Weber

Mark Weber

Metal Forming Lead

- Lyle Alexander

Lyle Alexander

Delivery Wheelman

- Josh Whitehouse

Josh Whitehouse

Laser Operator

- Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Specialty Finishes Specialist

- David Wigton

David Wigton

Finance & Accounting

- Scott Stoltenberg Jr

Scott Stoltenberg Jr

Release Engineer/Californian

- Sheena Winfrey

Sheena Winfrey

Incoming Communication Coordinator

- Rick Bastian

Rick Bastian

Release Engineer

- James Workman

James Workman

Stainless Cabinet Specialist

- Dustin Yaple

Dustin Yaple

Crating, Packaging and Receiving Lead

- Patrick Zionskouiski

Patrick Zionskouiski

Metal Finishing Specialist