Episode 39 – Grow Benzie

Mirror Finish sits down with the director of Grow Benzie Josh Stoltz and wait…did we just become best friends?? Join us for a great conversation and learn about the community center that is Grow Benzie. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and maybe Twitter and online at www.growbenzie.org/ For all you locals, yes I know it’s on 115 not 31, I misspoke. Stop judging me.

Episode 38 – Spark In the Dark

Get ready to learn about Spark In the Dark as Abby explains how it helps and connects community members while also providing support for other non-profits and charities in the area.  It’s a Facebook group right now, but look for the app soon and check out sparkinthedark.org for more information!

Episode 37 – Women’s Resource Center

Once you get past the ridiculous intro with the three immature morons we call our hosts this is a great episode.  We talk with Juliette and Kristi from the Women’s Resource Center(WRC) about what the WRC is all about and what they do there.  We also bust some myths (she can’t just leave guys) and learn how to approach someone if you suspect domestic abuse is happening.  Help is just a phone call away at 1-800-554-4972 at the 24 hour hotline and if you have any other questions for the good folks at the WRC find them at http://www.womensresourcecenter.org/ or give them a ring at 231-941-1210.  

Episode 35 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Where we learn about all the great work that Big Brothers Big Sisters does.  If you want to volunteer, donate or know someone who would benefit call them at 231-946-2447 or visit bigsupnorth.com.

Also, since we forgot to put the contact info for Habitat For Humanity in their show notes, we’ll put it here. 


(231) 941-4663

Episode 33 – Habitat For Humanity

We continue to fight the good fight with Habitat For Humanity.  Wendy Irvin and Kathleen English join us to talk about the organization’s origins, what brought them into non-profit and how you can help your fellow citizens during this time of increasing social polarization.  Also, Paul manages to insult an already marginalized group of people in the intro.  Shame on you Paul.

Episode 32 – North Sky Raptor Sanctuary

You think your job is awesome?  Ever handled a red-tail hawk? Or given a bird of prey a pedicure in your bathtub?  No?  Then you probably suck…or not.  Why are you getting validation from a podcast description anyway?  What definitely doesn’t suck is North Sky Raptor Sanctuary and the good folks that operate it.  Check them out and support them at https://www.northskyraptor.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/NorthSkyRaptor/

Episode 31 – Gaige Stanley

We’re back with a great conversation with one of our newest, Gaige Stanley.  We talk business start ups, wedding fights and the importance of controlling your spray.  Stay tuned as we return to our regular two week release schedule for a great episode with North Sky Raptor Sanctuary coming at you on the 28th!